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We offer regular and mini size cupcakes

Signature flavors

Chocolate Fantasy

Chocolate Cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting

Wedding Cake

Vanilla cake with a Vanilla buttercream frosting


Chocolate cake with a peanut butter buckeye frosting

Salted Caramel

Caramel cake with a Caramel Sea salt frosting

Birthday Cake

Sprinke cake with a Vanilla frosting

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting

 Cookie Monster

Chocolate cake with Vanilla buttercream rolled in Oreos

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Cake with a Mint chip frosting

Raspberry White Chocolate

Raspberry cake with a white chocolate frosting


Cinnamon cake with a oat and sugar crumble and cinnamon sugar frosting

Cookie Dough

Vanilla cake with a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough ball inside with a chocolate  chip cookie dough frosting .

Please call to find out what our 2  special monthly flavors are. 


We offer Gluten free items every day. Please call to find out the flavors available.


*Standard serving size is 4×1 slice

4inch round cake

6inch round cake

8inch round cake